5 ways to take care of your nails

Stop for a moment and look at your fingernails. Are they healthy and in good shape ? or do you see problems like ridges, furrows, dents etc? If you are wondering how you can prevent these problems take a look below at my 5 ways to take care of nails.




  • It is very important that you practice good nail hygiene. You can do it by using sharp manicure scissors trim your nails straight across.



  • Use moisturiser – Many people think it’s only your face and body that needs moisturising well they are wrong when rubbing hand lotion onto your hands rub it into cuticles and fingernails too.



  • it is important that you always apply a protective layer before applying any type of nail polish this helps strengthen your nails and keeps it damage free.3.jpg


  • keep your fingernails  dry and clean this prevents bacteria from growing underneath your nails


  • when washing dishes it is important that you wear cotton-lined rubber gloves this protects your nails from any harsh substances.





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